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How to use Engage in Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C


In this tutorial we will learn how to use engage feature of Oracle WebCenter Sites for user targeting and personalization.

Pre-requisite :

To implement this tutorial, we need assets that we will display on the webpage.

For the tutorial, I am using assets for Header and Banner section of the page.

Header Assets for the Header component of the page:

  • Harison Header
  • US Header

Banner Asset for the Banner component of the page:

  • Harison Banner
  • Banner US

Steps to configure Engage in WebCenter Sites:

  1. Enable engage related asset types
    • Click on Admin icon to navigate to Admin interface
    • Expand Sites tab in the left hand navigation. Expend your site, asset types and click on “Enable” button
    • Choose “AdvCols” (Recommendation), Promotions (Promotion), Segments (Segment) and ScalarVals (Visitor Attribute) asset types.
    • In next screen, check all start menus for asset types

  2. Create “CountryName” custom visitor attribute
    • Click on contributor icon to navigate to contributor interface.
    • Click on “New Visitor Attribute” start menu.
    • Fill information in the visitor attribute form as per the screenshot
    • Click on “Detail” tab and fill information given in the below screenshot.
    • Add below list of country values in the enumeration
      • US
      • UK
      • JAPAN

  3. Create “USsegment” segment i.e. for visitors from US.
    • Click on contributor icon to navigate to contributor interface.
    • Click on the “New Segment” start menu.
    • Enter “Name” as “USsegment” and Description as “US Segment”. Click on Detail tab.
    • Click on the “eye” icon to choose the visitor attribute. Refer snapshot.
    • In the next screen, we can see list of all attributes which can be associated with a visitor. Select “Country Name” attribute under custom attribute.
    • Choose “US” as the value of “Country Name” attribute.
  4. Create “HeaderRecom” and “BannerRecom” recommendation assets for recommending “Header” and “Banner” assets for US segment.
    • Click on contributor icon to navigate to contributor interface.
    • Click on the “New Recommendation” start menu.
    • Enter “Name” as “HeaderRecom”, “Description” as “Header Recommendation” and choose mode as “Recommendation” from the list. Note: This is just the name of asset and user can provide any name here.
    • Click on the “Options” tab and leave the default values as it is.
    • Click on the “Detail” tab
    • Search for Segments created in earlier steps by using “Find Segment” start menu.
    • Drag and Drop the “USsegment” in Segment Drop Zone. Refer Snapshot. After putting the segment, we have to drop assets in “USsegment”.
      Note: These asset are the one which we want to display on the page. We also have to specify the assets that we need to display if no segment is applied.
    • Save the recommendation.In the save way we will create a recommendation for Banner part of the page with name “BannerRecom”.Please refer below snapshot for final configuration of banner recommendation.
  5. Create a recommendation page attribute and page definition
    • Please refer below snapshot for the configuration of header page attribute
    • Configuration of Banner Page Attribute
    • Create a page definition which contains both the above created attributes.
  6. Create a page using “RecommendationPage” definition.
    • Click on contributor icon to navigate to contributor interface.
    • Click on the “New Page” start menu.
    • Choose definition “RecommendationPage” from the drop down menu.
    • Put “HeaderRecom” asset in “Header Recommendation” attribute of the page. Similarly, “BannerRecom” asset in “Banner Recommendation” attribute.
  7. Create “RecommendationLayout” template in eclipse IDE to render the recommended asset on the page.
    • Create template in eclipse as per the information given in the snapshot.
    • Put the code in the snapshot to render the asset IDs. We will get asset id of “US Header” if the user belongs to US segment. If the user does not belong to any segment, then asset id of “Harison Header” will be displayed.

  8. Preview the “RecommendationPage” with segment and no segment.
    • Preview the page
    • Below is the preview of the page without the segment
    • In order to change the segment of the user, click on Preview with segment button. Refer Snapshot.
    • After the segment selection, you will see content meant for US visitors. This content is targeted for the US segment.