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Oracle WebCenter Portal Training

Oracle WebCenter Portal Training

Oracle WebCenter portal Training

Oracle WebCenter Portal Training

Oracle WebCenter Portal Training will help you in understanding the complete Oracle Webcenter portal product. In this training, participants will get hands on experience in Oracle WebCenter portal by building a Sample Application during the training. This training would be provided by well-qualified and certified WebCenter portal trainer, who during the theory class would teach you concepts of Oracle WebCenter portal with numerous live examples and will later help you in implementing those concepts in the hands on lab. Our WebCenter Portal Training is tailored for the professionals or organizations to enable themselves in it. We ensure that after the training the participants should be comfortable in using Oracle WebCenter portal for their project work.

Introduction to Oracle WebCenter 12C

  • Oracle Fusion Middleware ›
  • Oracle WebCenter 12C: Overview ›
  • Oracle WebCenter Architecture ›
  • Deployed Architecture of a WebCenter Instance and Service Providers ›
  • Introducing the Course Application

Oracle Jdeveloper and ADF

  • Explain JSF, ADF Faces Rich Client, ADF Business Components ›
  • Create a Page Template and Layout ›
  • Build a ADF Task Flow using Business Components ›
  • Configure Partial Page Refresh

Oracle WebCenter Framework

  • Identify WebCenter Suite Components ›
  • Describe Framework, Composer and Services ›
  • Explain WebCenter Architecture and role of MDS ›
  • Integrate a Portlet within WebCenter ›
  • Build and Deploy a Portlet ›

WebCenter Portlets

  • What is a Portlet? ›
  • WebCenter-Supported Portlet Standards ›
  • Anatomy of a Portlet: Provider, Portlet, Consumer, Communication Protocol ›
  • Portlet Modes, Customization, and Personalization ›
  • Registering a Portlet Provider ›
  • Adding Portlets to a Page ›
  • Attributes of the Portlet Tag ›
  • Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge


Oracle Composer

  • Describe Composer, Resource Catalog and Catalog Filters ›
  • Set up Runtime Editing with Customization Components ›
  • Publish Multiple Resource Catalogs ›
  • Customize Metadata with MDS ›
  • Describe Page Service ›
  • Create Pages and Taskflows at Runtime ›
  • Render Pages with ADF Faces Components ›
  • Customize Look and Feel at Runtime › Customize at Design Time – Add Styles and Create new


WebCenter Services

  • Configure Wiki, Blogs, Discussions, Tags ›
  • Configure and use Events, Links and List Service ›
  • Configure and use WorkList ›
  • Configure PeopleConnection Service ›
  • Configure and Use Mail and Calendar ›
  • Configure and use Search

Integrating Content ›

  • Configure and Customize Document Library ›
  • Use Content Repository Based Data Controls (JCR) ›
  • Use CIS APIs ›
  • Configure and use Content Presenter