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Oracle WebCenter Content Training

Oracle WebCenter Content Training

Oracle WebCenter Content Training

Oracle WebCenter Content Training

With the upcoming and new technologies, Oracle WebCenter Content Training is gaining popularity day by day in the market. It helps you to get quite faster and reliable web experiences. There are still some organizations, which still use the older form of web browsing technologies and take assistance from the traditional vendors. The contribution of oracle webcenter content 12c is of great help for those who want to progress in the field of technology. WebCenter Content makes the extensive use of JavaScript for the interface of the browser.

In Oracle WebCenter Content Training, the navigation structure like option list, menus, and some other parts of the page are drawn dramatically with the help of JavaScript. This is done to provide minimum network or download traffic so that the JavaScript can be easily cached by the client. Oracle WebCenter Content 12c comes up with very good and unique features. It elevates the work, which has to be done from the end of the server.

Introducing Oracle WebCenter Content Training

  • WebCenter Content Overview
  • About Oracle WebCenter Content Server Customization Capabilities
  • Introducing What can be Customized


WebCenter Security

  • User : Internal and External
  • WebCenter Content Roles and Group
  • WebLogic user and Groups


WebCenter Content Server Administration

  • Implementation of Metadata
  • Revision Tracking
  • Workflow


Using Component Wizard

  • Enabling Components
  • Packaging and Installing Components
  • Defining the Default HTML Editor
  • Introducing Tag Filtering
  • Understanding Where Component Wizard Stores Created Files
  • Using Different Types of Content Server Resources
  • Identifying Files Created in a Component and the Resulting Directory Structure


Idoc Script

  • Understanding the Programming Capabilities of Idoc Script
  • Using Idoc Script to Alter the Functionality of the Content Server
  • Using Idoc Script to Alter the Presentation of the Content Server


Component and Glue File

  • Environment
  • The HTML Include Resource and Localization Strings
  • The Query Resource
  • The Service Resource
  • The Template Resource


Creating a New Layout and Skin

  • Understanding User interface Purpose and benefits of Layouts and Skins
  • Exploring the New Layout Component
  • Modifying the Component
  • Modifying the Banner Image
  • Creating a Custom Skin


Using Dynamic Server Pages as Alternatives to Custom Components

  • Creating a Custom Include (*.idoc Resource File)
  • Creating an HCST Dynamic Server Page (*.hcst)


Overview of Java Customization

  • Describing the Customization Available With Java
  • Introducing JDeveloper


Integrating Custom Java Code Into the Oracle WebCenter Content Server

  • Extending the Core Oracle Content Server Java Classes
  • Writing a Custom Service Class using JDeveloper
  • Creating a Service Calling a Custom Service Class
  • Deploying a Java Project Into a Component Folder
  • Extending a Component Classpath With a Custom JAR file
  • Creating a Custom Component Tracing Section


Creating Custom Idoc Script Functions and Variables with Java Code

  • Creating a Stand-alone Custom Java Class
  • Creating Custom Idoc Script Functions and Variables
  • Deploying the Idoc Script Extension With JDeveloper



Oracle WebCenter Content Demo



Desktop Integration




Content Type Creation




User Creation