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Oracle ATG Web Commerce Online Training

Oracle Atg Online Training

Oracle ATG Training at 365online training will help you understand the complete Oracle ATG Development Life Cycle. Participants will get hands on experience by building a Oracle Atg Online TrainingSample Application using Oracle ATG. Our team of well-qualified and certified trainers would be demonstrating numerous small examples which will help you understand and implement the concepts of Oracle ATG commerce. Our Oracle ATG online Training would focus and ensure that the participants are comfortable using Oracle ATG for e-commerce site development. During the training, we will be covering a series of practice that will help in understanding the implementation concept. Training audience will be solution architect, application developer, implementation consultant, technical consultant, Java developer.

No specific pre- requisite is needed for the ATG training except the basic knowledge of Java and Java Server Faces (JSP).

Getting Started – Oracle ATG Online Training

  • Overview of ATG products and technology
  • Core concepts
  • ATG file organization
  • ATG Application Module assembly and deployment

Using Components

  • Nucleus components
  • Properties files
  • Configuration path layering
  • Component scope
  • Application logging

Dynamic Pages

  • JavaServer page (JSP) basics
  • The ATG tag library (DSP)
  • Component access
  • Page parameters and fragments
  • Dynamo Servlet Beans (“Droplets”)
  • Nested DSP tag restrictions

Using Repositories

  • ATG Data Anywhere Architecture overview
  • Repository architecture
  • Using repositories: repository servlet be
  • Querying a repository

Configuring SQL Repositories

  • Item descriptors
  • Repository definition files
  • Item descriptors
  • Item properties
  • Multi-value properties
  • Item descriptor inheritance
  • Sub-typing
  • Operational tags

Using Repository Form Handlers

  • ATG forms and form handlers
  • Configuring repository form handlers
  • Accessing dynamic bean properties (DSP form tags)
  • Multi-value form input
  • Submission handler methods
  • Page redirection
  • Error handling
  • Search form handlers


  • Creating slots ,scenario and targeter
  • Extending Profile
  • Creating promotions and coupons

Pricing and Inventory


  • Creating Multisite Applications
  • Multisite Essentials
  • Multisite URL and JSP

Listed below are the benefits of Oracle ATG training:

  • It brings out the scenario oriented training for Oracle ATG for web-based commerce
  • Guidance related to the certification and the material needed for the same
  • Easy hands-on access
  • Convenient customized form of agenda for Oracle ATG based on web commerce
  • Live support during your session hours in online training

Some per-requisites of Oracle ATG training:

  • Basic knowledge of OOPS, Jsps, Java and Collection APIs
  • Basic knowledge of application server and database
  • Basic knowledge of Ajax and Rich Text

Purchase Flow and Commerce Pipelines

Fulfillment and Integration

Oracle ATG online training, helps you to get the complete idea about how to use it and work on the same. It helps you to deliver the personalized form of online buying to every single customer of yours. Oracle ATG training have always proved to be beneficial for those who have completely relied on this online training.