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How to start Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C Jump start kit

1. Download the Oracle WebCenter Sites Jump start kit 12C from oracle support site.

  • Login to support.oracle.com
  • Click on “Patches & Updates” tab.
  • In the Search box, enter patch number 23040439 (Oracle WebCenter Sites 12C JSK)
  • In the patch detail page, click download.

2. Create a folder with shorter name for example “JSK_12C” and Extract the downloaded file in it.

it is recommended to do so because JSK extracted path will be too long and might create problem in start up.


3. Make sure that you have JDK 1.8 installed in your machine.

Recommended version is JDK 8+ (1.8u72+ suggested) but it will work with lower version as well.

Set “JAVA_HOME” as an environment variable.

  • For Windows:

Right click on computer and click properties.

  • Click on “Advanced system settings” to open system properties.
  • Click on “Environment Variable” from system properties window.
  • Under “System variable”, click “New” and make following entries.

Variable name – JAVA_HOME

Variable value – Path to your JDK 1.8 location>

Note: In path, instead of Program Files, give progra~1

Example: C:\progra~1\Java\jdk1.8.0_71


4. Download the hsqldb.jar

  • Extract the zip file and Copy “hsqldb.jar” under the lib folder in the extracted files.
  • Put the Jar file to JSK-Installer-Home>\apache-tomcat-7.0.65-sites\lib


5. Start the WebCenter Sites 12C JSK

  • Go to JSK-Installer-Home >
  • Click on startSites.bat

If the service don’t start then run “startSites.bat” from a command prompt to see background activities.

This batch file internally starts the JSK-Installer-Home>\apache-tomcat-7.0.65-sites\bin\catalina.bat. So, we can also run “catalina.bat” separately for debugging purpose.

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