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Angular JS Online Training

Angular JS Online Training


Angular JS online training

Angular JS online training

Angular JS Online Training will help you in understanding the complete Angular JS framework. In this training, participants will get hands on experience in Angular JS by building a sample application during the training. This training would be provided by well-qualified and certified Angular JS trainer, who during the theory class would teach you concepts of Angular JS with numerous live examples and will later help you in implementing those concepts in the hands on lab. Our Angular JS Training is tailored for the professionals or organizations to enable themselves in it. We ensure that after the training the participants should be comfortable in using Angular JS for their project work.





Basic of Angular JS

  • Hello AngularJS
  • What is AngularJS
  • The Big Picture
  • Hello World
  • Karma Jasmine and a Hello World Test
  • compile, digest and $apply, Model View Whatever
  • Review


Modules of Angular JS Online Training

  • Modules in AngularJS
  • Your First Module
  • Dependency Injection
  • Module Constant
  • Module Constant Example
  • Module Array Syntax
  • Kicking Things Off with module.run
  • module.run Example
  • Review



  • Controllers and $scope
  • Build Your First Controller
  • Methods and Properties on $scope
  • Methods and Properties on $scope Example
  • Routes with Controllers
  • Routes with Controllers Example
  • Review



  • Views in AngularJS
  • Create Your First View with a Template
  • Layout Directives
  • Layout Directives Example
  • Interaction Directives
  • Interaction Directives Example
  • Styling Directives
  • Styling Directives Example
  • Review



  • Services in AngularJS
  • Build Your First Service
  • The $http Service
  • The $http Service Example
  • Communicating with Controllers
  • Communicating with Controllers Example
  • Review



  • AngularJS Directives Simplified
  • Build Your First Directive
  • Directive Definition Object
  • Directive Definition Object Example
  • The Link Function
  • The Link Function Example
  • The Controller Function
  • The Controller Function Example
  • Review



  • AngularJS Animations
  • Build Your First Animation
  • The Animation Naming Convention
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS Animations
  • JavaScript Animations
  • Review
  • Closing


Demo App For Angular JS Online Training

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